Every individual owns their life, body and property No individual has the right to hurt others or take their stuff Social and Economic arrangements should be based on consent Consent breeds reciprocity, accountability and community Libertarians promote tolerance of consensual social and economic arrangements Political solutions are often removed from consent Political solutions require political battles that come down to 51% imposing their whims on the other 49% Political battles often result in creating social division and distrust (elections often become about fear of opposition) Less political solutions and more solutions based on individual consent is what Libertarians seek

The Non-Aggression Principle

  • Human life and liberty are priceless.
  • Our life is the time we each have to be alive.
  • Liberty is the freedom to use our time as we wish.
  • Each individual owns their life and owns their time.
  • Self-Defense, not Aggression.
  • Honesty, not Fraud.
  • Justly earned rewards, not Theft.

A Free Society

  • Every Life Is Pricless.
  • Innocent until proven guilty.
  • Voluntary, not mandatory.
  • Taste is subjective to the individual.
  • No Victim, No Crime.
  • Culture is Organic.
  • Spontaneous Order.
  • Government must be limited, frugal, transparent, and accountable.
  • Government must recognize, honor, respect, uphold and defend our rights.
  • Decentralized is better than Centralized.

Enumerated Rights

  • Associate freely or not with whomever we please for any or no reason.
  • Speaking out against government overreach and petition for redress of grievances.
  • Practice any or no religion without state interference and/or a religion tax.
  • Bear arms and stand firmly against any and all state restrictions on self defense.
  • Be left alone to pursue personal creative opportunities.
  • Due Process.
  • Privacy.
  • No Self Incrimination.
  • No double jeopardy.
  • Trial by Jury of peers.

County Platform
We've formed a platform committee which will be acting to elaborate the specific local issues where we'll be focusing our efforts. Please continue to visit this page for platform updates.

  • Improve the quality of life of ourselves and our community.
  • Increasing and better oganizing private charitable giving.
  • Increasing disaster preparedness.
  • Encourage local entrepreneurial activities.
  • Attract innovative companies and high paying jobs to the county.
  • Improve digital infrastructure.
  • Cooperatives for higher quality, lower cost community services.
  • Training programs which teach professional skills demanded by the market.
  • Reduce Taxes (ie. Sales, Property).
  • Tax Free Economic Development Zones.
  • Incubators for startup companies.
  • Lower regulatory hurdles for small business.
  • Light manufacturing of high value products.
  • organic agriculture.
  • Food processing.
  • Green Tech.
  • Internet Technologies.
  • Healthcare Services.
  • Skilled Trades.